Caiman has an anniversary – the Caiman Production Group is 25 years old!

3 September 2019
Caiman celebrated its 25th anniversary

The Caiman Production Group has an anniversary – August 29, 2019, the leading producer of Egoza barbed wire, celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over the many years of its activity, the Caiman Production Group has come a long way, but also achieved a lot. Starting in 1994 as a small company, the Caiman Production Group is currently setting up a large enterprise with a powerful production and developed infrastructure.

The Caiman Production Group offers a full range of services for the complex protection of the perimeter of objects – from designing a perimeter protection system and manufacturing security barriers to delivery and professional installation of barbed wire and other equipment at the customer’s site. Thanks to a professional approach to security issues, the Caiman Production Group has achieved the fact that today its products and services are in demand not only by private and commercial customers, but also by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the State Border Service of Ukraine and other state law enforcement agencies.

Today, the Caiman Production Group customers are offered a wide range of products and services – more than 120 types of security barriers and 6 razor wire of their own production under the well-known brands – Egoza, Piranha, Concertina, Gyurza, Alligator, Egoza-Super, Cobra, Caiman. Providing comprehensive protection of the perimeter of objects, except for barbed wire and barriers, the Caiman Production Group supplies and installs various security equipment – video surveillance systems, alarm and access control systems, non-lethal electric shock systems and much more. All barbed wire installation and equipment installation works are carried out by specialists with vast experience in the field of facility safety, therefore the Caiman Production Group is guaranteed not only the quality of its products, but also the high quality of all installation and related works.