Welded panel fence reinforced with Piranha barbed mesh

Welded grid fence and Piranha barbed mesh

Welded grid fence + Piranha barbed mesh

Welded panel fence reinforced with Piranha razor mesh is a reliable and effective fencing of the territory. Using a fence made of welded panels allows you to quickly and efficiently create a solid foundation for the fence of any height, design, color and length, and the use of Piranha razor mesh makes it possible to significantly increase the protective properties of such fences. In addition, on the welded panel fence, you can install not only the Piranha barbed mesh, but also any type of security barriers, for example – Egoza flat or concertina barrier with special holders.

A reliable and durable fence made of welded panels can serve as a basis for further enhancing perimeter protection. Using columns of increased height during the construction of the fence, you can install surveillance cameras and other security equipment on them. To protect against undermining, you can use either additional welded panels located below ground level, or a wide barbed mesh of the type Piranha-2,7x10, part of which is deepened into the ground during the construction of the fence – this option is even preferable.

Regardless of the design of the future fence, and the use of razor wire barriers of any type and the need to install security equipment, our specialists will install the fence from the welded panels and reinforce it with a Piranha barbed mesh quickly and efficiently, providing the engineering system of perimeter protection for many years of operation, and the fenced area – reliable protection against the penetration of potential attackers.


Fence height, mm, to 2430
Barbed mesh height, mm 2000; 2400; 2700
Length of one section, mm 2500
Diameter of wire rods, mm 3, 4, 5, 6
Grid cell size, mm 50x200