Welded grid fence

Welded wire grid fencing

Welded wire grid fence

One of the most common types of fences is a metal fence from a welded grid or a fence from welded panels. Such a fence can protect the territory of a commercial enterprise, shopping complex, industrial enterprise or other facility. There is a wide range of panels for such fences, allowing you to make a fence of any desired height, structure and length. Fences from welded panels, if necessary, are equipped with wickets, swing or sliding gates, columns of increased height for installing cameras and other security equipment, mounting holders barbed wire or security barriers. For the manufacture of panels, steel wire of various diameters is used, depending on this, both the strength of the fence and its protective properties, as well as the cost of the fence, change.

A typical design of a fence made of welded panels is a column embedded in a concrete base on which welded panels are fixed. The poles can also be mounted on a concrete foundation and secured with a flange connection. As a rule, the posts are arranged in increments of 2.5 meters, and the height of the fence can be any within reasonable limits – for you can install several panels on top of each other. To protect against corrosion, the surface of the posts and welded panels has a multilayer coating – after welding, they are treated with hot-dip galvanizing, and then they can be coated with any polymer color from the standard RAL color palette. To increase the strength of the fence structure, panels can have horizontally stiffened ribs; they can use single or double horizontal bars of the grid. For installation of panels to poles, clamps of various types can be used, most of which are anti-vandal and are difficult to disassemble after installation.


Fence height, mm, to 2430
Length of one section, mm 2500
Diameter of wire rods, mm 3, 4, 5, 6
Grid cell size, mm 50x200