Piranha razor mesh fence

Piranha barbed mesh fence

Piranha barbed mesh fence

Piranha razor mesh fence is designed to permanently or temporarily enclose a territory that needs to be protected from intruders. If you plan a permanent fencing from a Piranha barbed mesh, it is better to use strong poles and a high-carbon tension wire, and on top of a razor mesh fence, install a visor from a flat security barrier or a concertina narrier with a diameter of 600-800 mm. When installing temporary fences, you can use both new posts and those remaining from the old fence, if they are available – Piranha razor mesh will still protect territory protected from possible intruders. Piranha barbed wire fence can be a good solution for fencing any objects that need reliable protection of the territory.

The installation of fences from the Piranha razor mesh is a responsible work, the quality of which depends on the reliability of the erected razor wire barriers and their service life. In addition, the Piranha barbed mesh is a barrier of a rather specific design, and not everyone can cope with its installation. For this reason, installing fences from the Piranha barbed mesh should be done exclusively by professionals – our specialists have extensive experience installing both the Piranha razor mesh and any other types of security barriers, so they will do all the work at the highest technical level.


Fence height, mm, to 2700
Length of fence section, mm 2500
Diameter of reinforced barbed tape, mm 3.1; 3.8