"Piranha-2,4x10" razor mesh

"Piranha-2,4x10" barbed grid

"Piranha-2.4x10" barbed mesh

Piranha-2.4x10 razor mesh is intended for the construction of fences up to 2.4 meters high or shorter fences but with protection against digging. "Piranha-2.4x10" barbed mesh is made from Egoza-Caiman barbed wire and has a size of 2.4x10 meters in expanded state. “Piranha-2.4x10” razor mesh can be installed on any type of fence to enhance their protective properties or used as an independent fence of the territory. For the installation of "Piranha-2.4x10" razor mesh in the case of its use as an independent fence, you can use both new posts and those remaining from old fences. One of the most effective ways to install the Piranha-2.4x10 barbed mesh is to use it with a fence made of welded panels. “Piranha-2.4x10” razor mesh does not protrude beyond the fence, therefore it does not interfere with others, while remaining an effective defense against intruders.

"Piranha-2.4x10" razor mesh
Barbed wire diameter, mm 3.8
Razor mesh width (mesh height), m 2.4
Razor mesh length, m 10

"Piranha-2.4x10" razor mesh is made of Egoza-Caiman razor wire with a diameter of 3.8 mm, which is fastened with "Super" clips type with a thickness of 1.5 mm and a scan length of 45 mm. The fixing of the Piranha-2.4x10 razor mesh when mounted to the fence panels or to the tension wire is carried out by Super clips, such the staples are used to fasten single sections of the piranha-2.4x10 razor mesh into a continuous obstacle. The production of the Piranha-2.4x10 barbed mesh is carried out in accordance with the modern technical specifications of TU U 25.9-21804553-001:2016 using automatic equipment.

“Piranha-2.4x10” razor mesh is characterized by high strength and efficiency, but for this it needs to be installed correctly. It is almost impossible to achieve this on our own – in order to properly stretch and secure the Piranha-2.4x10 barbed mesh during installation, you will need the services of specialists with experience in working with similar products. We are ready to put at the disposal of customers our professional installers, who for many years have been working with the Egoza barbed wire and the Piranha razor mesh, thanks to which we have accumulated vast experience in the installation of razor wire security barriers. They will quickly and efficiently install a barbed mesh "Piranha-2.4x10" and any other razor wire security barriers at any object anywhere in the country.

Price 14 640,00


Wire diameter, mm 2.8
Tensile strength, N/mm2 1600
Wire standard EN 50189
Zinc coating, g/m2 100
Razor tape
Razor tape thickness, mm 0.5
Razor tape teeth pitch, mm 30.0
Razor tape blades length, mm 16.0
The radius of the rounding of the base of the blades, mm 2.5
Steel standard EN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2 140-290
Clip type "Dovetail"
Clip thickness, mm 1.5
Clip length in the scan, mm 45
Clip width, mm 10
Steel standard EN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2 140-290