Piranha razor mesh montage

Installing a Piranha barbed mesh on a fence

Installation of the Piranha mesh

Mounting the Piranha razor mesh is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. As in the case of other types of razor wire barriers, the operational properties of the barrier, the reliability of object protection and the life of the razor mesh strongly depend on the installation of the Piranha razor mesh. A properly stretched and securely fixed Piranha razor mesh will have a neat and at the same time repulsive appearance, warning potential attackers about the danger of attempts to overcome it. At the same time, the artificially installed Piranha barbed mesh will scare away its appearance except for the owner of this fence.

But if with the installation of Egoza barbed wire, flat or concertina barriers, some try to cope on their own, albeit not very successfully, then high-quality installation of Piranha barbed mesh without the involvement of specialists is practically impossible – the result will definitely not please either in terms of protective properties or in terms of the appearance of the fence. In addition, like any other type of razor wire barriers, the Piranha razor mesh is dangerous for those who will install it – without the necessary installation skills, it is better not to touch the Piranha barbed mesh at all.

All of the above problems with the installation of the piranha barbed mesh can be avoided by using the services of our professional installers. Moreover, it is preferable to address this issue at the stage of ordering razor mesh or other security barriers, rather than after purchasing it, since in this case our specialists will be able to adjust the design of the future perimeter protection system, based on many years of experience in developing security barriers and installing barbed wire. Perhaps this will save money, and it is possible to strengthen the design of the fence without unnecessary costs. In any case, our professional installers will install any type of razor wire security barriers on any object quickly, efficiently and accurately.