Fences installation

Installation of fences

Fences and barriers installation

Installation of fences and barriers plays an important role – its strength, appearance and how much it will retain these parameters depend on the quality of installation of the fence. A modern fence or other fence should be both a decoration of the property’s territory and reliable protection. The fence is an obstacle for those wishing to enter the territory fenced by it, but in addition, the fence can serve as the basis for more serious means of protecting the perimeter. It can be barbed wire or concertina barriers, Piranha razor mesh or a video surveillance and alarm system. In any case, the effectiveness of all the perimeter defense equipment in the complex will depend on how well the fence itself is installed.

Depending on the type of fence and the features of the object that is being fenced, various additional work may be necessary – from cutting down vegetation and clearing the area to digging holes under pillars or trenches for the foundation of the fence. In addition, depending on the type and design of the fence, a different approach to the installation process can be used. In some cases, it is necessary to provide for the use of elongated poles for surveillance cameras, sometimes protection against undermining is necessary, and in some cases a solid concrete foundation is required. In each of these cases, there are some features that only professionals can foresee. One typical example is that you cannot use a solid fence panel partially buried in the ground as protection against undermining; for this, additional panels or a prickly Piranha grid are used.

In any case, the installation of fences and barriers is a job for specialists, and we have such specialists. We are engaged in professional installation of fences, barrier, barbed wire and security barriers for several decades, and during this time our experts have accumulated vast experience in installation work. We have all the necessary materials, tools, equipment and vehicles for the installation of fences at any facility. All work on the installation of fences and any additional equipment is carried out efficiently and in strictly agreed terms.