Strengthening the protective properties of the fence

Fence reinforcing with Piranha barbed mesh

Enhancing the protective properties of fences with Piranha barbed mesh

Reinforcing existing fences and barriers with the help of the Piranha razor mesh can significantly increase their protective properties. Of course, ideally, it is better to dismantle the old fence or barriers, and in its place install a modern welded panel fence, Piranha barbed mesh or another type, and on top of it mount a concertina barrier or a visor from a flat security barrier. But in this case, the budget of the new fence will increase significantly – it will add the cost of dismantling old structures, earthwork, installing poles and fence panels. And if the new beautiful fence is not needed, but you just need to reliably protect the territory from intruders, and there is only the old, even rusty, chain-link fencing? Here comes the Piranha razor mesh to the rescue.

The design of the razor mesh is such that it can be fixed on any existing fence – for example, the widespread fence made of netting can be reinforced with the Piranha barbed mesh. In this case, the Piranha razor mesh is fastened with clips to the chain-link mesh, and the single razor mesh rolls are interconnected with the same clips, forming a continuous razor wire mesh of the required length without any joints. When installing a razor mesh on fences, a tension wire is not needed – the old fence itself plays its role. At the same time, the upper and lower edges of the Piranha barbed mesh web form sharp protrusions that do not allow you to climb under the fence or climb over it.