Egoza-Caiman razor wire

Egoza Caiman barbed wire

"Egoza-Caiman" barbed wire

Egoza-Caiman razor wire is the most versatile version of razor wire. Egoza-Caiman barbed wire has high strength and durability, which in combination with a relatively low price allows us to recommend it for use in any type of razor wire security barriers. The Egoza-Caiman wire is used for the manufacture of Piranha-2x10, Piranha-2,4x10 and Piranha 2,7x10 razor mesh, flat barriers 600 and 750 mm high, Egoza-Caiman concertina barriers with a diameter of 400 to 1500 mm. In addition, the Egoza-Caiman barbed wire can be used as an independent fence or as a tension wire when mounting various types of razor wire security barriers.

Egoza-Caiman barbed wire is made from high-carbon wire and steel coil. For the production of Egoza-Caiman barbed wire, roll steel EN 10346 with a thickness of 0.5 mm with a zinc coating of 140-290 g/m2 and wire EN 50189 with a diameter of 2.8 mm with a zinc coating of at least 100 g/m2, the finished Egoza-Caiman barbed wire has a diameter of 3.8 mm. The Egoza-Caiman barbed wire has been certified and manufactured according to the modern technical specifications of TU U 25.9-21804553-002:2016 using automatic stamping and rolling equipment that ensures high quality razor wire.

In order to get a high-quality engineering system for protecting the perimeter of your facility, just buying a barbed wire is not enough. An important component of reliable object protection is the high-quality barbed wire installation. It is highly discouraged to install security barriers on your own – the risk of serious injury is too high, and the effectiveness of artificially installed barbed wire usually leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to specialists – our professional installers will install any barbed-cutting barriers at any facility quickly and efficiently.

Price 5 640,00


Egoza-Caiman razor wire
Barbed wire diameter, mm3,8
Turns number in the coil, pcs.101
Barbed wire length in the bay, m188,4
Wire diameter, mm2.8
Tensile strength, N/mm21600
Wire standardEN 50189
Zinc coating, g/m2100
Razor tape
Razor tape thickness, mm0.5
Razor tape teeth pitch, mm30.0
Razor tape blades length, mm16.0
The radius of the rounding of the base of the blades, mm2.5
Steel standardEN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2140-290