Piranha Razor Mesh with 5% Discount

12 October 2020
Piranha razor mesh cheap

The Piranha razor mesh of the Caiman Production Group from October 12 to November 12, 2020 is on sale at a 5% discount from the price list. The Caiman Production Group is a leading manufacturer of modern barbed wire and security barriers, including those manufactured and sold under the Piranha brand. The Caiman Production Group has announced a 5% seasonal discount on the entire range of products, including Piranha razor mesh.

The discount is valid for all types of razor mesh produced by the Caiman Production Group – Piranha-2x6 from Concertina barbed wire and Piranha-2x10, Piranha-2.4x10 and Piranha-2.7x10 razor mesh from Egoza-Caiman barbed wire. This provides a unique opportunity for those who need to reliably protect their property from the encroachments of intruders, to do it before the onset of cold weather and at the same time save money on buying a Piranha razor mesh. Don't miss this opportunity – take advantage of the manufacturer's discount on Piranha razor mesh.