Piranha brand website

28 June 2019
Новый сайт Пиранья

The site of the Piranha trademark is fully operational; it provides information on products under this trademark. The main type of product under the Piranha brand name is the Piranha razor mesh made from the Concertina and Egoza-Cayman barbed wire. The site of the Piranha trademark has a lot of information about the Piranha razor mesh, its technical characteristics and sphere of application, as well as all the necessary documents confirming the high quality of products under the Piranha trademark and the right to use this trademark for product labeling.

The manufacturer of Piranha razor mesh is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of engineering systems for protecting the perimeter – the Caiman Production Group. Four types of Piranha barbed wire mesh are produced in series – from Concertina barbed wire 2x6 meters in size and from Egoza-Cayman barbed wire – in sizes 2x10, 2.4x10 and 2.7x10 meters. But this does not limit the range of Piranha barbed mesh – on request it can be made of any required width. The main area of application of the Piranha barbed mesh is the creation of new or reinforcement of old fences and barriers of any type.