The Caiman Production Group celebrates its 26th anniversary!

29 August 2020
Piranha razor mesh installation

On August 29, 2020, the Caiman Production Group celebrates 26 years since its foundation. As a leading manufacturer of barbed wire and security barriers, including Piranha razor mesh, the Caiman Production Group offers its customers a wide range of products of its own production, designed for engineering protection of the perimeter of protected objects. The products of the Caiman Production Group are sold under the brands Gurza, Concertina, Egoza, Caiman, Alligator, Egoza-Super, Cobra, Piranha.

The product range of the Caiman Production Group includes several dozen items – more than a hundred types of concertina security barriers, a dozen types of flat barriers, pyramidal and quick-release barriers, as well as several types of Piranha razor mesh. Four types of Piranha razor mesh are produced commercially, but Piranha razor mesh of almost any required size can be made to order. The installation of the Piranha barbed mesh is carried out by qualified installers who have been installing the barbed wire and Piranha razor mesh for more than one year. Teams of installers are equipped with all the necessary equipment for the installation of barbed wire and Piranha razor mesh in any conditions, all work and products are given a long warranty. Delivery of the Piranha barbed net across Ukraine is free.